Bio / Info

Graduate of the Swedish Institute, NYC
Highly acclaimed / oldest massage school in US
Advanced Sports Massage training at the Swedish Institute
* Graduate of Old Medicine Hospital, a renowned Thai Massage school, Chiang Mai, Thailand
New York State Licensed Massage Therapist. Lic #: 021 581
(NY State has some of US’s highest standards for licensure).
Continuing education courses with various schools
Private lessons from acclaimed Osteopathic Physician

Old Medicince Hospital90% repeat clientele, including many dancers, athletes, personal trainers, performers, active military, lawyers, authors, singers, musicians, executives, academics, etc. 

BoulderPersonal: Born in Los Angeles. Raised both in LA and the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve been in NYC all my adult life. Experience in education, youth empowerment, media, politics, technology and public speaking. World traveled.

I love music, reading, biking, writing, dancing, working out, hanging with friends and family, and the beauty and magic of nature. Adventure, changing paradigms, DJing are some things i do on the side. I am never bored 🙂

Thank you for considering me.

ABOUT MASSAGE: Massage is the practice of applying pressure or vibration to the soft tissues of the body, including muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, and joints. A form of therapy, massage can be applied to parts of the body or successively to the whole body, to heal injury, relieve psychological stress, manage pain, improve circulation and relieve tension. Where massage is used for its physical and psychological benefits, it may be termed “therapeutic massage therapy” or manipulative therapy.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy include:

  • Relaxes muscles and reduces stress
  • Helps the immune system
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Increases range of motion
  • Increases energy
  • Brings oxygen and nutrients to all tissues
  • Eliminates toxins by stimulating lymphatic drainage

Partial Description of my Swedish / Deep Tissue / Thai / Sport and Stretching Combo:

I custom each massage to the individual.

The freshly or recently showered client generally begins prone (face down) on my wide, padded  and heated (seasonal) massage table. Compression, Stretching, rocking, myofascial release, deep tissue, and reflexology techniques are used before any application of cream or lubricant. ( 5-25 min)

With massage cream or lotion applied, effleurage, petrissage, cross fiber friction, muscle stripping, acupressure, tapotement and other Western / Swedish techniques are used to relax all muscle fibers and joints. (40 -60 min)

With 90min – 2 hour sessions, massage includes very detailed work on problem areas.

Inform therapist if there are any areas to be avoided (ie; feet, scalp, abs, glutes etc).

With short sessions (15 – 30 min) only 1 or 2 body areas can be addressed. Example: feet/ legs, gluteus/lower back, upper back/arms, etc. and with a quick once-over elsewhere.

Note: If client is seeking a strictly Sports, Shiatsu or Thai session, the massage can be done thru loose clothing (t-shirt/sweats). With a general therapeutic and relaxation massage (Swedish), or my specially designed combination of modalities, the client wears as much/little as she/he is comfortable. I use freshly cleaned towels and linens.

  • I use a variety of professional massage lotion, creams and oil.
  • I also use cocoa butter on feet on hands.
  • I wear b-ball shorts or karate pants and t-shirt.

You’re in strong, skilled and magically talented hands.