Uptown New York City

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Conveniently located next to various subways, including the 2 and 3 express trains.
The clean and relaxing studio is just steps from Central Park North.
Entrance is by buzzer in the elevator prewar building.

A straight line from Subway exit to the building.
19 St Nicholas Ave, NY NY 10026

Approach to builiding 👀

(All trains stop at 110th St)

Red dot >> #2 and #3 EXPRESS trains
Do NOT take the #1 train)!
Subway Exit is less than 40 seconds from my bldg.
Exit the absolute rear end of the train, if coming from downtown.
The 3 train often follows close behind the 2 and is always less crowded.

Blue dot >> the
B/C local trains  (Less than 6 min)

Green dot >> the #6 local train    (than 12 min walking)

My Building @ Yellow Dot, next to # 2/3 train exit

The #1 train separates(!!) from the 2/3 at 96th Street.
DO NOT(!) TAKE THE #1 TRAIN beyond 96th Street)

Yellow Circles are the subway exits of the 2 and 3 trains.
Blue dot is my building

I’m by the Central Park North area of Manhattan
BLUEdotrepresents my location, at the north end of CENTRAL PARK, Manhattan, NEW YORK CITY, NY