How should you PREPARE?
Shower Before Massage:
Shower facilities available if you are unable to shower before getting here 
(and/or would like to shower after the massage).
Remove Jewelry:
(earrings or wedding band, ok). If you have long, full hair,
 please have something to tie it up and out of the way.
Tell your HEIGHT and WEIGHT:
adjustments are made to massage table accordingly.
Anything specifically bothering you? 
(ie; tight hamstrings, tense shoulders, any injuries, 
carpal tunnel syndrome etc) 
Indicate any areas to be avoided: 
 (ie; face, feet, abs, etc) 
NOTE: Please remove shoes upon entering. Thank you.
 It's healthy and therapeutic to drink a good amount
 of water after the massage to flush out toxins 
unleashed from the tissues after a 
therapeutic / relaxation massage.
Thanks, and be prepared for an incredible massage!!!